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Παρασκευή, 10 Αυγούστου 2012

Krishna - God of Love

Satsang by Swami Satyananda

Sri Krishna was the avatar of love, the incarnation of celestial love on earth, an element that is missing everywhere today. At present we have everything, but we lack love. Love is that aspect of emotion where you think about others, not about yourself. Love is giving, not taking. Love is not an act. Love does not expect anything. Love is just sacrifice. It is total consecration of your emotions. Sri Krishna was the symbol of that aspect of life.

When he walked, it was love that walked, when he smiled, it was love that smiled and when he laughed, it was love that laughed. Madhuradhipaterakhilam madhuram - "O God! You are nothing but sweet love."

              Statue of god Krishna Rishikesh Uttaranchal India

Krishna is the symbol of God with all His attributes. He lived as a man but he was a superman, a perfect man, a poorna purusha. He incarnated many thousands of years ago at the end of the cycle of Dwapara Yuga in order to destroy evil and restore righteousness. Before he was even conceived, he was on the hit list of Kamsa, who was his uncle and the king of Mathura. Although he was born into a royal family, his actual birth took place in a prison in Mathura. As a newborn he was smuggled to Gokul where he lived incognito for many years.

Prior to Krishna's birth, atrocities were being committed in the world. When the people prayed for relief from suffering, their prayers were heard. When prayers from the heart reach God, He manifests in a human form. Krishna destroyed the demons and lived in a playful way, sometimes stealing butter, sometimes duping people, sometimes teasing, sometimes dancing with the gopis and becoming their heartthrob.

Sri Krishna has brought life to philosophy and religion so that we can also smile. There is only one culture and civilization in this world where the gods dance, sing and play with the gopis, where they playfully steal and participate in wars and at the same time give enlightenment. Where will you find such a civilization, except in India! We still long to see such a man as Krishna descend to earth. Krishna was a great teacher. The love between Radha and Krishna was like that of the individual soul and the cosmic soul, like prakriti and purusha. He behaved like her disciple.

Sri Krishna was an incarnation of God, not an ordinary child. He took birth to teach the other children. Sri Krishna led a very natural life. He was a good child, a great child, a powerful child, a philosopher, a god, a friend and a warrior. At the same time he loved all the girls of his time. The gopis did not marry because Krishna loved them all.

             Krishna Temple, Hampi, Karnataka, India

The story is told in the Srimad Bhagavatam. It is also told in the Krishnavatar series, where Krishna is a child full of divinity. The story is told with sweetness, with melody, in a way that we can understand. It is one of the best stories about God. God must become the subject matter of stories, music, dance, discussion and dialogue. God is not beyond the mind. God is just here.

You should have a relationship with God in such a way that you can understand Him, just as you understand your son, your father, your brother or anyone else. If you start with the hypothesis that God is unknowable, it is a problem. God is knowable. Once you are told that God cannot be realized, you think that is final. Close your books and start from where you can feel Him. The love you express for your child is a glimpse of God.

Krishna has many followers throughout the world. He was a playboy, a philosopher, an orator, a yogi, a fighter and a saint. He is the epitome of beauty, grace, love and dynamism. He is also the indweller of all hearts, especially in this modern age.

Krishna Janmasthami 9th August 2012

Bhadrapad Krishna Asthami, the birth of Sri Krishna, is celebrated as Janmashtami throughout India. This auspicious day will be celebrated in Rikhiapeeth with akhanda kirtan and by offering prayers to Bal Gopala.

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